A. Plevell (AP), designer and photographer, can provide you with quality products to launch your small business. After designing a logo or using an existing logo, AP can begin the creation of an advertising plan. The logo can be incorporated into business cards, letterhead, brochures, composite cards, newsletters and a website.

AP can work on a broad range of projects and develop strong identity systems for your business.

Using photography and graphic design tools, AP can complete a project within set specifications, budget and time-line. AP can design your website using WordPress or other software that meets your company’s hosting requirements.

Are you ready to emphasize your unique products and services and reach your optimum target audience?

Your website can be personalized with your data, your information and your uniqueness. Let’s create your website to maximize your digital footprint and reach your target audience.

AP has A.A.S. degrees in Multimedia & Web Design, Graphic Design Technology and Electronic Publishing.

To contact AP, please fill out the contact form or email aliplev@comcast.net