cropped-wolf_89132.jpgToday I wanted to try out different themes for my website. I prefer to follow along a tutorial to save time, but I couldn’t find a video for the theme I liked.

I found a great video, but the theme he used was Vantage. It’s a great theme, but I already use in another website. Next I tried Enigma. I don’t know how the author of the video was able to customize 3 images. The creators of Enigma really want you to buy the premium version. I couldn’t manipulate the 2 or 3 image. I couldn’t even delete it. I gave up on Enigma and switched to Fifteen.

Fifteen is a nice them, but I am not sure how I can control where my website’s name and tagline go. The three themes offer easy ways to add favicon and connect for social media. Enigma didn’t allow me to delete the unused social icon logos. It’s very disappointing when you find a free theme that appears to offer a lot, but really doesn’t. Vantage is a great theme, Enigma wants you to go Premium, I’ll give Fifteen another chance.