It is a bright Tuesday morning around 1000. The sky is blue with fluffy clouds. The palm trees are gently moving as a light breeze rocks them in a gentle sway. I feel the moisture in the air and enjoy the smell of salt and Tahitian gardenias.

My toes are playing with the soft sand while feeling the surrounding heat. I have enjoyed the comfort of the padded chair, read a hundred pages of a new mystery book, sipped my iced tea with papaya infusion, but it is now time to get in the water.

I put on my swim cap, and carry my goggles. As I slowly walk towards the water, I look around and enjoy the beach’s solitude. I’m alone, but not quite alone. I hear the sound of birds calling to one another and the waves hitting the shoreline. It’s is so peaceful here.

I place my feet in the water to test the temperature. It is a little cool, but it always is when moving from warm surroundings to the gentle ocean. I could jump in and get over that first feeling of coolness, but instead I decide to continue moving slowly until the water is up to my waist.

I adjust my goggles, and now I stick my head in the water. There is always a slight rush when feeling those few drops of salt water against my skin. I swim underwater for a short while. I look around to see if there are any fish nearby. I have swam in the ocean many times, but I still get paranoid of little fishing nibbling in my toes.

This water is different. It is very calm. The current is not pushing me back to the shore. I can easily swim any direction I choose. I miss my swim workouts and today I can finally do some “laps.” There are no markers, just my imaginary boundaries. I will swim from the small palm tree, about a 100 meters away from the beach and swim parallel to the shoreline. I see a red hibiscus bush to use as my second marker.

I enjoy being in the water and wonder AGAIN why I have not been in the ocean for so long. It has been years since my last ocean swim!